At A Glance – My Past, Current & Future

Think about your past for a moment. Now, during your childhood through your early adulthood, have you ever wondered what you wanted to be when you grew up? It’s a common question we often ask ourselves as we head into our early youth and adolescent years. I know I asked myself this question many times,Continue reading “At A Glance – My Past, Current & Future”

Be the catalyst you wish to become

Change is never easy, that’s why few people really become the person they are meant to be. It requires you to think differently than how you thought before. We all know each of us has something we need to get better on but to truly see transformational change…we need to: 1) Understand that there areContinue reading “Be the catalyst you wish to become”

Your 6 go – to team tasks that enable improved software quality

Team work & collaboration are key to enable great software quality. Below are 6 tasks to do on a consistent basis: 1) Understand the key business processes This helps set a firm understanding of the critical business operations and the stakeholders’ technology interaction to achieve their objectives. It will help you create /add to critical businessContinue reading “Your 6 go – to team tasks that enable improved software quality”

Gettin’ myself out there – An Interview with Emna Ayadi

Thank you Emna Ayadi for an opportunity to interview with you about my journey in software testing! It was a blast🎊. Check out the article link below on her blog to see it!! Interview #2: Driving quality forward with a customer first mindset 8 months ago, I was in a tough spot. I left a job during peakContinue reading “Gettin’ myself out there – An Interview with Emna Ayadi”