This is the first post in my blog, testwithPearl. Glad to have you here. This platform will be my channel to post about my journey as a tester, test tips & lessons learned, and on new skills and knowledge I continue to acquire as I hone my craft.

Testing is a team sport. I believe that testing is a continuous activity that is not executed alone but within a team with cross-functional talents and different perspectives. As a professional tester, I am humbled by the people I get to work with & learn from, the software & new opportunities it presents to help build it better together for our customers, end-users/clients and the fueled passion to turn quality software experiences into a reality.

I currently work with a great team at American Red Cross as a Salesforce Test Engineer and I am loving the adventure there. Some interesting facts about me: I am rocking motherhood with my 3 year old beautiful daughter, Prisha & my loving husband Pratyaksh. My daughter inspires me everyday to be the best mom I can be. My rocking sister, Crystal and amazing mom & dad are my greatest support system. I am a Houstonian, love to play tennis, watch movies, & geek out on Salesforce and other tech related topics.

Happy Testing!

Gettin’ myself out there – An Interview with Emna Ayadi

Thank you Emna Ayadi for an opportunity to interview with you about my journey in software testing! It was a blast🎊. Check out the article link below on her blog to see it!!

Interview #2: Driving quality forward with a customer first mindset

8 months ago, I was in a tough spot. I left a job during peak COVID times to take the time off needed to take care of my daughter, re-evaluate my career options, and to de-stress. During that time, I got a chance to interview with Emna Ayadi, an agile test coach and key contributor to Ministry of Testing to talk about my own professional testing career. I enjoyed the experience and was happy to share my knowledge with others.

The day after the interview, Emna posted it on Linkedin. This helped me connect with amazing fellow test and tech professionals as I searched for my next opportunity.

Key Takeaway: Open yourself to new opportunities and share your testing story. This is one of those experiences that helps open doors to learn and network with others. We all have unique experiences – never hesitate to share yours.

Here’s to always learning, adapting & growing.

Happy Testing!